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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Healthy, Ecological Communities

We love High Point here at OSS2100. There are many good reasons to do so: mixed-income community, walkable, non-toxic, etc etc. But what really gets us excited is the natural drainage improvements that have been installed over there. From a permeable concrete street to small bioswales in people's yards, High Point presents a proving ground for a host of open space and green infrastructure typologies.

The Green Living Expo that started this weekend will continue next weekend, but will be even better on Sunday the 24th when, at 1pm and 4pm, SvR will present a great walking tour of the community called: High Point from the Civil Engineer and Landscape Architect's Point of View. Having had the opportunity to walk around the site with Peg Staeheli from SvR many months ago, I have to say that what they and Mithun have done out there is remarkable. Equally as notable, is the collaboration among the bureaucratic agencies that were involved in the redevelopment: Seattle Housing Authority, SDOT, SPU and others. We need more of it!


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