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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

This is the weekend to repair those intersections

A technique used by CityRepair down in Portland to build community, create safer neighborhoods and to calm traffic is being brought to Seattle in a two-fer this weekend. Two communities, Squire Park and Wallingford, are taking over, shutting down and revamping their intersections this weekend--making a public intersection a public square.

Squire Park will have their event first, on Saturday. The intersection in question lies at 20th Avenue and E. Marion. The painting and laying out will begin at 10am and will end with a street celebration at 3PM.

But if you missed Saturday's celebration, fear not! Sunday bring the revamping of the intersection at Burke Ave N and 49th Street. A huge lady bug resting on a flower will take over the space. There is a block party afterward, which begins at 4. Looking forward to it--should be very exciting.

Check back here over the weekend for a round up and review of these two intersection repairs.


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