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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Repair those Intersections!


yes, this guy made it happen

two little ladybugs . . . and one big one

the proud painters

As previously reported here, this weekend was the weekend for Seattle-ites who want to be Portlandites to come out of their homes and repair their intersections. Open Space did not get a chance to see the Squire Park folks on Saturday, but we were happy to stop by at 49th and Burke to the the Bug-On-Burke intersection repair and feast on some amazing paella and quiche. This is what community should be: food, art, kids and maybe even a beer or two.

Instigated by former UW Landscape Architecture graduate student Eric Higbee, the repair featured a gigantic lady bug on in the middle of the intersection (with some little manholes-cum-ladybugs on the side). The design was developed by combining two drawings done by local elementary school girls and was laid out on Saturday after the streets had been closed off. Then, Sunday, the painting began and at the end of the day the public intersection had truly become a public square. Go visit, it is beautiful.

Hopefully, these pop up all over Seattle next summer. Also, word on the street is that both the Times and the P-I stopped by so look for stories tomorrow.


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