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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Vertical Sprawl

We've been meaning to post this one for a few days now . . . one of the big themes that came out of the charrette, that is constantly discussed when we talk about liveability and which is a hot-button topic for a LOT of neighborhoods in the city is the idea of density.

Right now, the city has made plans to increase the vertical limits of buildings in the urban core and also have raised height limits on Broadway in Capitol Hill. All of these efforts are to create more housing, development (and yes, additional tax revenue, sure) for the city as it becomes a magnet for the region. Thus the hub and spoke model of urban development continues, but, many hope, the spokes are conduits to the city, rather than to the next farm or forest waiting to be bulldozed.

Seattle seems to be one of those places where this subject is particularly pointed and the New York Times picks right up on that with a nice article on Sunday about "vertical sprawl."

Over at the Stranger, Erica C. Barnett counters that vertical sprawl is a conflation and perversion of two separate issues. Plus there is a dastardly comments stream with Mr. X and Cressona going head-to-head in a density grudge match. Kind of like reality TV, it is hard to look away.



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