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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

It's Raining . . . Rain Gardens

Natural Drainage and Rain Gardens in the High Point Redevelopment

The Seattle PI is all over the rain gardens these days. This time from their blog, Lisa Stiffler writes about a series of resourses and articles noting how even the small intervention of installing a rain garden can significantly reduce the amount of polluted water draining into the Puget Sound.

1/13/06 Update: With 26 straight days of rain, our friends over at the Cascade Scorecard Weblog (which also now runs Tidepool) take a look at some of the raingarden articles we've mentioned here. $600 to store 10,000 gallons of rain. Now that is a low-hanging fruit.

Environmental Science and Technology Online
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Rain Gardens
SDOT's Natural Drainage Overview
Puget Sound Action Team


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