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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Green Infrastructure for the Times

In today's Seattle Times, Mark Childs, our open space speaker from November, provides a kick start to our thinking about green space for the next century. He outlines four keys to thinking about a long term vision:

First, don't do it on the cheap. Keep high standards to create something that will last and that we can be invest pride in for the next century.

Second, infrastructure agencies (SPU, SDOT, etc) must be structured to support the open space network.

Third, a system that addresses the whole city needs to do just that: address the whole city. Not just downtown, but also the neighborhoods where we live.

Finally, Mr. Childs also invokes the power of imagination to inspire. What is the story that we will tell ourselves and our visitors about how the city works and how multi-functional greenspaces weave though out the entire city.

Thanks for that. Now it is time for us to imagine what it will be in the next century. Charrette registration continues until January 20, 2006 at


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