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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Dream Big(ger) Little Stream

Those little streams that could--you know the ones, with their birds, beavers, salmon and otters--are about to get a little help from the nine folks on the Seattle City Council. To them, we say kudos!

The council did delay their final vote wanting to hear more about the following four points:
  • Whether new fish and wildlife protections would make it difficult for waterfront industries and cargo terminals to operate.
  • When the city should allow pesticide use on public golf courses and areas infested with invasive plants.
  • Why the plan doesn't identify vulnerable areas that could be inundated by tsunamis or volcano eruptions.
  • Whether the city should allow building on top of creeks shunted through underground pipes, removing the chance they'll see daylight again.

  • On this last one, this seems the most important. Streams will never be daylit if there are buildings on them. So go for it, write a letter, express your opinion. You're already writing a number of letters to friends and family during the holiday season. Think of Mr. Rasmussen as your second cousin, Jean Godden, your mom's aunt, and Richard McIver as the joyous, gregarious favorite uncle.


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