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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Walking in the City

We discovered a new website the other day called Pursuing an agenda that might be best described as progressive urbanist, the folks at World Changing have posted several articles touting the ways in which environmental design can contribute to and/or detract from creating liveable, pedestrian-friendly cities.

They note a recent program called Manpo-Kei out of Japan that encourages people who want to lose weight to walk 10,000 paces a day. Referring, as we often do, to Copenhagen, they note a 10 step plan to create cityscapes that encourage walking. And in a post from May 2004, they tout the new "woonerf" streets in, again, Denmark and Holland.

In Seattle, woonerf's are gradually catching on with projects like the original SEA street blocks (which has a great new educational slideshow online) and the Berger Partnership has proposed a similar approach at Terry Avenue in South Lake Union.


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