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Friday, March 30, 2007

Draft Bicycle Master Plan To Be Released

Looking forward to seeing what they came up with . . .

Mayor Gregg Nickels will announce the release of the draft Bicycle Master Plan on Wednesday, April 4th at 10 a.m. at Sturgus Park. The plan provides a blueprint for connecting routes throughout Seattle by integrating bicycling into the City*s transportation and trail systems while encouraging more cycling and safer cycling.

Seattle Bicycle Master Plan Draft Release
April 4th at 10 a.m.
Sturgus Park
904 Sturgus Avenue S

Directions:FROM I-5 Northbound: * Take the DEARBORN ST./JAMES ST./I-90 EAST/MADISON ST. exit towards SPOKANE, exit (#164A) * Take the DEARBORN ST. ramp * Turn LEFT onto S DEARBORN ST/ WA-167 * Turn RIGHT onto 8TH AVE S * Turn RIGHT onto S KING ST. * Turn RIGHT onto 12TH AVE * Turn LEFT onto S CHARLES ST. * S CHARLES ST becomes STURGUS AVE S.

From I-5 Southbound: * Take the exit- exit number 165A- toward JAMES ST. * Stay straight to go onto 6TH AVE. * Turn LEFT onto YESLER WAY. * Turn RIGHT onto BOREN AVE S. * Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto 12TH AVE S. * Turn LEFT onto S CHARLES ST. * S CHARLES ST becomes STURGUS AVE S.

The Seattle Department of Transportation builds, maintains and operates Seattle's $8 billion transportation infrastructure. To further Mayor Nickels* goal to get Seattle moving, the department manages short- and long-term investments in streets, bridges, pavement and trees, that better connect the city with the region.


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