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Friday, February 09, 2007

Sustainable Infrastructure Talk Coming to Town

The Seattle Great City Initiative is sponsoring the kickoff of the City of Seattle's 2007 Urban Sustainability Forum.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

A New Paradigm: Sustainable Infrastructure STEVE ALLBEE, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, principal author of The Gap Analysis

5:30-7:00pm: Seattle Central Library

Introduction by Michael McGinn, Seattle Great City Initiative: linking the opportunities for sustainable infrastructure to support city initiatives, including: Open Space Seattle 2100, Climate Protection, Green Seattle and Sustainable Urban Forests, and Green Building.

Too often we take for granted the natural and built systems that keep our city alive and vibrant.
- Will our grandchildren share the same benefits of inexpensive and clean water, plentiful energy, and increasing mobility delivered by reliable systems?

- Are we managing our systems and price structures in ways that create intergenerational inequity by deferring maintenance and replacement costs and pushing those costs onto future generations?

- Can Seattle continue to provide national leadership by adopting this new and innovative approach, ultimately producing costs savings over time and protecting the value of our assets for future generations?

Steve will share his thoughts on how we must adopt sustainability principles so that future generations can meet their needs and enjoy the beauty and services of our cities. Including a discussion on five strategies that offer a pathway to sustainable infrastructure systems.

The City of Seattle is now in its third year of hosting this energizing forum. The Urban Sustainability Forum brings nationally recognized leaders to Seattle to discuss how we can transform into a 21st century city that is climate-neutral, pedestrian-friendly, transit-oriented, community-focused and sustainably designed.


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