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Friday, November 17, 2006

Hazelwolf Film Fest

Please come and join us at the upcoming event at the Green Film Series . . .

Monthly Green Film Series Co-Sponsored by the Sierra Club Seattle Group by Martina Guttenberger

Are you suffering from post-partum election tension syndrome or pre-Christmas anxiety? Or do you only need an excuse for a night out? Whatever the case, come and join us for an evening at the movies. The Hazel Wolf Environmental Film Networks, 911 Media Arts Center, and the Sierra Club Seattle Group invite you to be part of the Green Film Series. Transforming City Spaces and Landscapes is the title of the second installment of these monthly showings of progressive documentaries.

WHERE: 911 Media Arts Center—402 9th Ave N, Seattle WA 98109

WHEN: Friday, December 1, 2006 from 7:30 to 9:30PM (first Friday of each month)


THE MOVIES: Pomegranate Center (Erin Katz, Celia Beasley, & 911 Media Arts Center, 2004, 10min.) This short film features the work of the Pomegranate Center, a non-profit community design and development organization founded by the artist Milenko Matanovic. Pomegranate’s project managers provide residents of a community with the tools to plan, design, and craft their own, individualized, and vibrant gathering places. The Center’s projects have become a model for how to create lasting, humane communities within today’s dwindling open spaces.

A Lot in Common (Rick Bacigalupi, 2003, 57min.) A Lot in Common accompanies the formation of an urban community garden from renting an empty, fenced-in weed lot for one Dollar per month to its dedication as a community garden and final transformation into a peace garden. The educator and landscape architect Karl Linn, who inspired the creation of this garden as well as the film, encourages people to reclaim the commons to build community by abiding to the simple wisdom of being “in each other’s presence but not in each other’s way.”

The movies are followed by a panel discussion with:

Milenko Matanovic, Executive Director of the Pomegranate Center

Brice Maryman, Co-director of Open Space Seattle 2100,

Open Space 2100 is a citizen coalition of neighbors, students, nature lovers, designers, artists, ecologists, transit advocates, engineers and neighbors representing many other fields of life, who bonded together to advocate their 100-year vision of a greener,

healthier, self-sustainable, more livable and walkable Seattle.

Representative from City Repair Seattle,

The City Repair Project is a volunteer grassroots organization that encourages communities in reclaiming their urban spaces and assists them in creating gathering places that represent the members and needs of their unique community.

A glimpse at future topics in the Green Film Series (films and speakers tba):

January 5 Blueprint for a Bikeable City February 2 Reevaluating Your Relationship with the Earth March 2 Reducing our Ecological Footprint

For more information got to or or contact Martina Guttenberger at (preferred) or 206-547-0902 Driving directions at


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