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Friday, November 17, 2006

Sierra Club: OSS 2100 Event at REI

Tuesday, Nov 21 - 7 pm at the Seattle REI 222 Yale Ave N

Green Infrastructure for Seattle's Next Century

Join the Sierra Club’s monthy lecture series to learn about a new grass-roots 100-year vision for Seattle's Green Infrastructure ( called Open Space Seattle 2100. Though the back bones of any green infrastructure network are the parks and green spaces of the city, green infrastructure also comprises elements like bicycle and walking networks, natural drainage swales that filter pollutants from stormwater, streams and p-patches. It includes living, vegetated systems that freely and sustainably provide city residents with air purification, atmosphere cooling, carbon storage, flood control, food production, recreation and wildlife habitat.

These issues are particularly important now, as the region rests at a critical crossroads. We face a booming population, with increasingly distressed local and global natural systems ranging from the Puget Sound’s health to the threat of global climate disruption. Smart. green infrastructure networks provide an equitable framework for cities to work with natural systems to achieve pedestrian safety, stormwater management and mitigation, climate change, and pollution control targets.

In Seattle the work of the Open Space Seattle 2100 coalition has recently brought a new vision for the city’s green infrastructure to light. As we celebrate the city’s centennial anniversary of the Olmsted Brothers plan, the time is right to peer into the future to begin planning for strategic greenspace services for a Seattle with twice the current population.

This event is sponsored by the Sierra Club’s Washington Chapter. Speakers will include Brice Maryman of Charles Anderson Landscape Architecture and Nancy Rottle of the University of Washington, who together co-directed the Open Space Seattle 2100 process. Additionally, Nathaniel Cormier of Jones + Jones Architects and Landscape Architects will discuss successful examples of green infrastructure from the Pacific Northwest and around the world, and Peg Staeheli of SvR Design will discuss the green infrastructure design interventions at High Point in West Seattle.

For more information about this event:

REI’s Address 222 Yale Avenue North, Seattle 98109

REI’s phone number 206 223-1944

Chapter Phone number 206 523-2147

Chapter Website

Chapter email


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