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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Living Barge Touring Elliott Bay

The lovely MP sends along the pressing news of this morning's tour of the Living Barge around Elliott Bay. Cribbed directly and completely from Seattlest, here's the scoop:

'Living Barge' Tours Elliot Bay Today

livingbarge2.jpgThe straight up coolest art installation of the spring that every man, woman and child should have seen will be floating through Elliot Bay today at 10am. It's the Living Barge project from artists Nicole Kistler and Sarah Kavage and they say 10am but we say you should be on the lookout between 10 and 11, optimistically.

We've talked about the Living Barge before, but to refresh your MTV-addled memories it's a 50' rusted out old barge that the artists planted with vegetation native to the Duwamish River Basin. #1 it looks really cool. #2 it calls attention to how fucked up the Duwamish is. You can't beat that combo.

It's going to leave it's moorings on the Duwamish at 9:30 to start moving towards Elliot Bay and they think it'll get into the Bay by 10. Look up from your monitor and out the window now. Is it there? Repeat until you see it, because it'll be your last chance. After its little tour it's going to be dismantled and the plants will be put in the ground at Cesar Chavez Park in South Park where there will probably be a nice little plaque with some pictures and you'll think, "Oh, man, that would have been cool to see."