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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Two from the NYT

from the New York Times

In this article from Friday's New York Times, there is an great discussion about how New York is using their parks (not just, as the Mayor and Council have proposed, the streets and downtown) as 24-hour spaces. From urban camping (Freeway Park, Seward, Schmitz) to astronomy (Discovery, Sand Point, Volunteer), New York is looking to instill 24 hour usage for all of the city's citizens. Pretty cool.

Second, today's NYT bring a garden art article with a strong Northwest connection, focusing on Dale Chihuly's exhibition at the New York Botanical Garden and another exhibition, called "Garden Improvements" at Wave Hill. While I find Chihuly "fine", the images look pretty spectacular, expecially on the grey, Seattle-type day that the photographer was there.


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