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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Proclamation: Grazie Councilmember Conlin + the City Council

On Monday, May 15th Nancy and I briefed the Council on some of the out comes from the Green Futures Charrette and Open Space Seattle 2100 as a whole. We also let them know about some of the measures that we are looking at proposing to the Mayor to include as part of his budget. More on that in a future post.

A very special thanks to Councilmember Richard Conlin who took the lead on arranging this opportunity to talk with the Council, and who spearheaded the next exciting event of the day. At the afternoon full Council meeting everyone who participated in Open Space Seattle was presented with a proclamation by the entire council that reads as follows:

WHEREAS, Seattle’s population is expected to at least double within the next 100 years; and

WHEREAS, to remain a livable city while increasing density Seattle must possess an open space system that gives people access to green spaces where they live, commute and work; and

WHEREAS, Open Space Seattle 2100 is a coalition of urban leadership that is sponsoring a public discourse and planning process to engage citizens in a collaborative visioning of Seattle’s open space network; and

WHEREAS, The centerpiece of the project was a planning charrette that generated comprehensive vision plans including implementation strategies and priority recommendations for a city-wide open space network; and

WHEREAS, The open space plans were based upon a set of guiding principles;

NOW THEREFORE, be it proclaimed by the Seattle City Council that the Seattle City Council embraces the guiding principles of Open Space Seattle 2100 and its goal to create a bold, integrated Open Space Plan with implementation strategies for Seattle’s next hundred years which will enhance the health and well-being of both our cultural and natural environments. This vision of a regenerative green infrastructure will strive to create a healthy, beautiful Seattle while maximizing our economic, social and ecological sustainability.

Now it is up to us to make this dream a reality. How cliched.

To watch the video: briefing and proclamation


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