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Monday, March 13, 2006

Capital Improvements

March 20 is fast approaching and the City's Capital Improvements Suggestion deadline almost here. Many of the charrette teams are using this program to get projects that were suggested in the Green Futures Charrette to the city. For example, the Rainier Beach group is proposing 4 projects that came from the charrette:

Genessee Missing Link
Beacon Hill-Columbia-Lake Washington Multi-modal Trail
Raincatchers Program in Rainier Valley
Rainier/MLK Below Grade Intersection

Of these, they've submitted a CIP application for the Genessee Missing Link proposal that they describe thus:

". . . for the City’s Capital Projects submittal, due on March 20, we will propose a “missing link” project to link disconnected portions of Genessee Park. The project would consist of street improvements on 42nd Street (beautifying and correcting a number of problems such as the missing sidewalks to the park), and a multi-modal trail that makes a clear and purposeful connection between the lake portion of Genessee Park and the Community Center portion."

What about your group? What are you proposing to the city? And how can we help?


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