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Friday, September 22, 2006

Unveiling of Seattle Climate Action Plan

This just in from Seattle's Office of Sustainablity & Environment....

"Mayor Nickels will unveil the Seattle Climate Action Plan at 9:30 a.m. next Wednesday (September 27) in the Bertha Landes Room at City Hall. The Mayor will be joined by Denis Hayes, Bill Ruckelshaus, other members of his Green Ribbon Commission on Climate Protection, and Mayor Dan Coody of Fayetteville, Arkansas, one of the now more than 300 signatories to the US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement that Mayor Nickels and nine other mayors launched in February 2005. This Climate Action Plan, the City's first, is the City's response to the recommendations of the Green Ribbon Commission on Climate Protection, delivered to the Mayor back in March. It lays out priority climate protection actions and investments for the next two years; we will report on progress and update the Action Plan biennially, along with the City's budget. This will be another exciting milestone in our community's efforts to help lead the fight against global warming in ways that are improving quality of life here at home; raising awareness and inspiring grassroots action by cities, nonprofit organizations and individuals all across the country; and influencing policy discussions in the national and international arenas as well. Please join us! Be among the first to hear the details! Help us spread the word! Let's fill the Bertha Landes Room with the spirit of enthusiasm, commitment, collaboration and community that we have brought -- and will continue to bring -- to this challenge. "

To see the Green Ribbon Commission report and other related info:

And just so you know, you can calculate your personal greenhouse emissions here:


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