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Monday, October 31, 2005

Sims unveils historic green space and trail investments for King County

Using new software to make hard decisions, King County Executive Ron Sims vows to make a difference.

Sims said the county is now using a visionary conservation tool unveiled last spring “the Greenprint for King County" to identify and target, down to the individual parcel level, the ecological lands, regional trails, farms, forests and flood protection areas that return the largest public benefits. Developed in partnership with Trust for Public Land, the Greenprint software package is "helping us become more strategic in our investments," Sims said. "It stretches our conservation money farther than seemed possible only a few short years ago."

Without a clear picture of the total bugdet, I do have one question. If the 2005 budget for parks is $21.31 million and the 2006 budget for parks is $17.62 million, where are the funds for this green space investment coming from when the actual operations are having to do the same (or more) with less?


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